Industries Served

Manufacturing & Distribution

Effectively running manufacturing and distribution centers requires a constant stock of industrial packaging, safety and facility supplies. IP Products understands that eliminating downtime, reducing risk, and improving productivity is your focus. We customize our service levels to get you what you need when you need it.


School administrators are increasingly tasked to do more with less while still providing students a clean learning environment. Additionally, the spread of germs and illness in educational facilities is a universal problem. Regardless of school size, it’s an issue that must be dealt with in a responsible way. IP Products can insure that your students have a clean and safe space within budget. 

Building Service Contractors

Whatever the job, your clients expect quality work. Tasks must be completed on time and within budget. IP Products stocks the supplies you need at an affordable cost for every job. If we do not stock an item you need, we will source it from one of our many manufacturers


Each year, over one million people contract hospital-acquired infections. With proper sanitation tools you can improve patient outcomes and communicate quality cleanliness. IP Products partners with you to supply the products your facility needs to ensure life-saving care.

Local Business

We know that you value your business and understand the importance of providing customers with quality service. Let IP Products supply your cleaning and paper products at an affordable cost.