A Health Services Provider


An international, publicly traded health services provider requires multi-location material replenishment.


The client was experiencing internal process breakdowns resulting in a drop in customer satisfaction for certain locations. Further discovery revealed gaps in information flow, order fulfillment turn times and expectation management. Rapid fire purchase order placement was in effect for multiple locations resulting in mismanaged activity cost. The order receipt and fulfillment process was not being optimized for cost or speed. Regional hubs were lacking pertinent information for replenishment models to be effective.


We were able to automate the send and receive functions for transmitting data with the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The order and receipt process has transitioned from a paper-based system to an electronic system effectively removing any silos along the way. Our EDI solution allows the operating systems to work together to receive purchase orders and invoices which has reduced the opportunity for error and has accelerated the flow of information. The client now enjoys higher service levels to all locations with quicker turn times on order fulfillment.

  • Higher service levels to all locations
  • Lower holding costs on quicker order fulfillment
  • Lower activity cost in information transfer
  • Standard process to remove any silos