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Safe, Sustainable Spill Cleanup: That’s Nviroclean™

You’re here because managing spills efficiently is crucial for your operation, correct?

Nviroclean™ is the solution you need.

Spills are cleaned so swiftly, it’s as if they never occurred. That’s the convenience Nviroclean™ brings to your workplace.



Welcome to a cleaner, safer, and more efficient way to handle spills in any professional setting.

IPP proudly presents Nviroclean™, a top-tier spill absorbent designed to tackle a wide array of substances with unmatched efficiency. Manufactured in the USA, Nviroclean™ is your go-to solution for managing spills effortlessly and responsibly.

No more hesitations over chemical spills, or food cleanups. 
Nviroclean™ is here to simplify your operations and provide top of the line safety on all fronts.

Cost and Time Savings

More absorbent means less product used and faster cleanups. The math is simple; the savings are big.

Safety for Your Team

Non-carcinogenic and lighter than traditional options, Nviroclean™ keeps your team safe and reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Simplicity in Use

Apply, work in, dispose of or reuse. Nviroclean™ turns spill management into a simple, three-step process. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Features and Benefits

Nviroclean™: The Superior Absorption Solution

Nviroclean™ isn’t just another spill product; it’s your next best business decision. Here’s why every business dealing with liquids needs to have Nviroclean™ on hand:


From oils and chemicals to that spilled coffee in the break room, Nviroclean™ handles it all. It’s the only spill solution you’ll need, no matter the mess.

Safety and Compliance

With Nviroclean™, you’re not just meeting EPA standards; you’re exceeding them. And with its high-temperature resilience, you’re prepared for anything, without a second thought about safety.

Eco Friendly Disposal

This is the part where you expect the catch, right? Nope. Nviroclean™ is non-biodegradable, doesn’t leach, and is safe for landfill disposal. It’s as easy on the planet as it is on your cleanup routine.

Peak Efficiency

Forget the old days of using bag after bag of ineffective absorbents. A single 1.5 cubic ft bag of Nviroclean™ does the heavy lifting of 200-300 pounds of traditional products, transforming your approach to spill management.

Reusable Up to 5 Times

Nviroclean™ stands out from other powder absorbents by being reusable up to five times, offering enhanced efficiency and substantial economic benefits, making it a sustainable choice in spill management.

FDA Approved

Certified safe for use in environments with stringent health standards such as food processing and health facilities.

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Don’t let another spill set you back. Act now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our products and how they can transform your facility’s care routines.

Yes, Nviroclean™ is designed for a wide range of substances, including hazardous materials. It exceeds EPA standards, ensuring safe and effective cleanup for various spills.

Nviroclean™ is eco-friendly, non-biodegradable, and does not leach, making it safe for landfill disposal. Its efficient absorption reduces waste, and its natural formula avoids harsh chemicals, supporting green initiatives.

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