A textile manufacturer running 3 shifts, 6 days a week to produce product for Fortune 500 customers.


The client shared spend with a handful of suppliers with similar capabilities. The spend involved both direct and indirect materials. Lead times on these materials spanned from same day to 8 weeks. Managing multiple vendors, across a list of products with varying lead times was taking focus away from the clients’ production and their customer’s needs. Further, the ability to track cost in a simple way was being buried in the paperwork associated with managing multiple suppliers.


After understanding the client’s current situation and their goals, we began constructing a supply solution based on transparency and collaboration. We initiated introductions to major manufacturer partners and shared both historical and forecasted information based on the client’s production plan. We also helped organize the clients spend in a way that reduced transactional activity and consolidated suppliers. Cost improvements were made on materials and operations. We were happy to share the savings with the client in exchange for a long-term relationship.


  • 4% material cost reduction
  • Operational improvements from reduced transactional activity and consolidation
  • Regained focus on production based on a distribution partnership